Top 5 Reputation Management Companies

Learn about the top 5 reputation management companies in our guide below. 

Finding a reputable and trustworthy internet reputation management agency is tough, but we all know how important it is to have a professional online reputation management agency manage it for you. A professional reputation management consultant company can help manage a business or an individual’s personal internet reputation, as well as build an excellent online presence. Be it big businesses or local businesses, online reputation management is vital for all businesses alike.

Whether you are just getting into the space for the first time or looking how to best spend within your budget, before hiring an ORM agency, you should first be aware of the many agencies out there, what they offer and how well they are ranked within the industry. Additionally, you should also look through online reviews and customer feedback on these ORM companies. If you want to build your online reputation, you should also have a deeper look at the types of online reputation management services out there as well. 

In this post, we are going to highlight the top five reputation management companies based on the rankings from, a leading directory of the top-ranked companies, services, and agencies based on niche-specific industries.

Top Ranking Online Reputation Management Agencies

Below you will find the most updated list of reputation management companies based on’s rankings and as of March 2016.

Reputation Management Consultants

Reputation Management Consultants

Online Reputation management services to clean up and protect against Internet and online defamation.

Year Founded: 2007
Revenue: $10 million+
Full-time Employees: 55
Active Clients: 500+
Major Clients: Heads of State Fortune 1000 Companies and Executives, Politicians, Celebrated Figures in Film, Sports and Music, as well as States and National Governments.

SEOP Reputation Management


Your reputation is important and your online reputation has become a calling card for your company. At SEOP, we can help you with your reputation online.

Year Founded: 2000
Revenue: $5-$10 million
Full-time Employees: 100+
Active Clients: 500+
Major Clients: Attorneys, Doctors, Inc 500 Executives, Professional Athletes, Political Figures

Internet Reputation

Monitor, protect and manage your internet reputation, one of the top 5 reputation management companies in the world. offers online reputation management services for businesses, brands and people.

InternetReputation com also helps individuals manage their internet reputation and their personal information available online for the public to see. Refer to the Facebook page for more details. 

Year Founded: 2011
Revenue: $50-$10 million
Full-time Employees: 37
Active Clients: 300+
Major Clients: Doctors, High Profile Individuals, Government Officials, Attorneys, Hospitality Professionals

SEOBrand Reputation Management

SEO Brand

SEO Brand is an award winning Digital Agency that is consistently ranked amongst the top 1% of all Reputation Management and SEO agencies in the world.

Year Founded: 2005
Revenue: $10 million+
Full-time Employees: 70
Active Clients: 300+
Major Clients: Sothebys, Mont Blanc, Giorgio Armani, Ritz Carlton, Duty Free Americas

Fox Tail Marketing Reputation Management

Foxtail Marketing

Foxtail Marketing is an award winning SEO, Social, and Content Marketing agency. Come see why our ROI focus provides the best results.

Year Founded: 2013
Revenue: $3-$5 million
Full-time Employees: 35
Active Clients: 60+
Major Clients: Actian, New Balance Shoes, Qualtrics, Entrata, Infusionsoft

Be sure to run through each of the ORM agencies listed above to see which might best fit into your existing business model and budget. To learn more about ORM and what to ask before signing up, read our latest article on that here.

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Learn about the top 5 reputation management companies in our guide below.  Finding a reputable and trustworthy internet reputation management …