6 Expert Guides for Better Reputation Management

When it comes to your online reputation, you can’t afford to let your brand or personal image get tarnished because you weren’t managing what was put online. Online Reputation Management, or ORM, keeps you in control of your company or personal image and allows you to understand what damage needs to be accounted for, what you can do to portray a better image online, and find higher levels of success.

Whether you are an individual hoping to manage your personal brand for job interviews or graduate school or you are a company wanting to attract new customers, it is important to maintain a positive online image for continued success.

Here are 6 reputation management guides that can help you get your image under control.

1. ORM vs. SEO: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the difference between SEO and ORM is crucial to getting the correct information in the correct strategy. While SEO and ORM may overlap in some ways, this guide provides a clear outline of the differences between the two for online use. In many ways, the two work together to provide you with new customers and better business.

This guide is a great first read for anyone just starting to develop their online strategy or feels that their strategy could use some revamping. When you can clearly identify how SEO and ORM are different but also how they need to work together, you can create a more powerful, intertwined approach to both components.

2. 4 Marketing Tactics for SEO, PR, ORM, and Marketing Experts

Discover the 4 strategies for having as strong of an ORM presence as possible. These 4 strategies include being an industry thought leader, understanding Google’s new authority signals, focusing on authorship and social media, as well as maintaining user focus. When you understand and implement these four strategies into your ORM plan, you can develop a better grasp for how your image is portrayed online.

This is a relatively basic level of understanding when it comes to ORM. This guide can help you understand the base of what an ORM strategy should include, so you can develop a successful strategy with a great foundation.

3. 10 Things You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management

Enhance your skills by reading up on 10 useful things every brand and business needs to know about online reputation management. Through reading this, you can get a better understanding of whether online reputation management is something you and your company can handle on their own or if it might be necessary to hire a professional.

Online reputation management is serious business when it comes to how successful you and your company will be. If you don’t approach your strategy correctly and thoroughly, you may miss out on some great opportunities.

4. 8 Tools That Make Tracking Your Online Reputation Easy

This guide is perfect for anyone who chooses to manage their online reputation without the assistance of a professional. The websites and apps provided in this guide can assist in tracking online reputations for both individuals and companies. It provides a range of tools and prices to fit anyone’s needs.

It’s almost impossible to track your online reputation without the assistance of some form of app or website, but with so many different apps and websites out there, it can be difficult to know what is worth the money. This guide can help you make the right selection.

5. Top 25 Free or Cheap Reputation Management Web Apps

Run through this guide to see an extensive list of management apps or websites. All of the tools on this list are either free or relatively cheap. This is a great option for an individual looking to track their personal brand or a small company without a large budget for tracking ORM.

Online reputation management is important for everyone and shouldn’t be restricted just to companies with large budgets able to afford high-end tracking tools. This guide can provide some free or easy-to-afford options so everyone can take control of their online reputation.

6. Is Online Reputation Management Worth The Money?

Understanding the costs of reputation management is important when trying to figure out an overall budget and strategy for your brand. With the number of management options out there, it can feel difficult to make the right selection for you and your company. This guide can help you determine how much you should really be paying for online reputation management, where you should splurge, and where you should save.

We all want to pay the right price for everything we do, and our online reputation management service is no different. Reading this guide can help you avoid overpaying but also ensure you get the services you need to be successful.

It is also important that you engage with a reputable ORM service provider.

Your Reputation is Now in Your Hands

When your name — whether it’s your company or your personal name — appears in the search engine, the searcher is going to make a first impression based on the information that is there. If you are only displaying distasteful or negative reviews, your success is going to be compromised. With the correct online reputation management strategy in place, you can account for the negative information put on the web. You’ll be in better control of the image you present and therefore make a more favorable first impression. A strong online reputation means you can more easily find success, you just need to step in and take control. In particular, it is also important to look at Google My Business to manage your online presence.

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