Reputation Defender vs. Delete Me vs. NetReputation


Reputation Defender, Delete Me, and NetReputation are some of the biggest names in the world of online reputation management. While the Reputation Defender is an old warhorse, DeleteMe is a renowned name in the field of information removal; NetReputation has become a name to reckon with thanks to its meteoric rise.

This article will compare them to see which outshines the other. So, if you’re unsure if Reputation Defender, Delete me, or NetReputation is the better choice for your needs, our comparison will help you make the best decision.

Take a look at categories where Reputation Defender vs. Delete Me vs. NetReputation compete, their core competencies, process, pricing, and ranking. 

Read this guide and get a complete overview of all 3 platforms. 

Reputation Defender, Delete Me, and NetReputation are some of the biggest players in online reputation management.

DeleteMe is not a 1-stop-solution to all online privacy issues and reputation management.

Reputation Defender is the oldest among the three but is plagued with bad reviews. 

NetReputation offers custom-blended solutions and unique services, which both Reputation defender and DeleteMe does not offer.

Whether you are an individual or a business working with NetReputation, you can implement strategies to enhance your online reputation.


Reputation Defender vs. Delete Me vs. NetReputation


1. Overview


Reputation Defender

Also known as, Reputation Defender is an ORM company established in 2006 and based in Tempe, Arizona. It also has offices in the UK and Silicon Valley, California. It claims to be the oldest reputation management provider on the market and caters to clients in more than 100 nations. The platform helps protect your privacy, correct misleading search results, and control your identity’s visibility. 


NetReputation is an Inc. 500 company founded in 2014. The company is headquartered in the USA and operates offices in Sarasota, Florida, Kansas City, Missouri, and London. The services are available to individuals and businesses worldwide. NetReputation provides comprehensive reputation management services to its users by analyzing search results for each client and custom blended strategy for their specific needs. It is recognized worldwide as one of the top firms specializing in online reputation management. 


DeleteMe has been in the personal data removal space since 2011. This subscription-based platform is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and serves both U.S. and international customers. DeleteMe focuses on removing personally identifiable information (PII) from renowned people-search sites called major data brokers. It removes PII, like names, ages, photos, addresses, past and current, phone numbers, email addresses, marital statuses, occupations, and more. 

2. Ideal For?

Reputation Defender

Reputation Defender offers its services to Individuals, small businesses, VIPs, and enterprises that want to improve their online reputation and reviews. 


The platform is suitable for individuals, professionals, and businesses who need help with brand reputation management, reputation monitoring, branding, crisis management, PR, and more. Individuals like Attorneys, Law firms, Journalists, Influencers, VIPs, and businesses like Construction companies, Hotels, Healthcare providers, Retail outlets, Senior living residencies, and more, can use their services. 


DeleteMe offers its services to individuals or companies that want to remove their personal information from Google and data brokers.


3. Core Capabilities

Reputation Defender

  • Search results – Reputation Defender powers you to enhance your search results by creating high-quality, professional content based on your specifications and their content analysis, customized to rank in you or your business’s search results.
  • Personal branding – The company offers ReputationGrower package to enhance your digital presence through website creation and social media optimization.  It also manages all your social media accounts, responds to individual customer comments or posts on all platforms, and sets up content publishing schedules.
  • Online reviews – The company monitors your reviews across third-party review sites and facilitates your efforts to increase your online reviews. 
  • Digital Privacy – leveraging a mix of automated and manual methods, Reputation defender purges your personally identifiable information from online sources.
  • Executive protection – This service is tailored for C-Suite executives. Although the offerings under this service are similar to digital privacy offerings, they come at a higher cost. 
  • VIP services – This service is suitable for public figures, executives, and brands looking to improve their web presence. The company uses search management, SEO, and strategic content publication to manage the reputation of VIPs. 


Reputation defender’s ORM services are only based on social media activity and reviews management, customer survey instruments, and optimizing websites for greater search visibility. They are not heavily focused on all other aspects of a comprehensive reputation management campaign. 


  • Content removal – NetReputation leverages a wide range of strategies, including legal takedown requests, violations of Terms of Service, copyright violation notices, and more, to remove harmful content, negative news articles, and negative reviews from search results. 
  • Search engine suppression – In cases when content removal isn’t possible, NetReputation uses robust search engine suppression solutions that push that content out of sight. It replaces them with positive online assets that strengthen your online image. 
  • Review Management – NetReputation maintains a watchful eye over your online reputation by replying to reviews on Google and other sites and taking down negative comments. 
  • Branding – The platform combines reputation management with online promotion strategies to both improve brand awareness or help you rebrand after a reputation attack, bad press, or similar situation.
  • Crisis Management – The platform helps you be prepared in case something bad happens, or your reputation is attacked. To help organizations survive in challenging situations, it prepares a contingency plan for data breaches, industrial accidents, and workplace violence incidents. 
  • Wikipedia creation – This service helps you stand out in the search results. By offering expert Wikipedia page development and editing services, NetReputation enhances your online presence and reputation.
  • Enhanced online visibility – NetReputation provides a holistic approach to increasing brand awareness by promoting and directing traffic to your website and connected web assets.

Reputation Defender and DeleteMe don’t have many unique services that NetReputation does, including a wide range of customizable services.


  • Personal information removal – DeleteMe removes unwanted instances of personal information found online. The company provides clients with a full activity report and checks every three months to ensure PII hasn’t been added to any other websites or re-added to old ones. 

The company offers only content removal services. While these services offer certain values to clients, there is far more to a reputation management campaign. 


4. Process

Reputation Defender

The platform uses different strategies and approaches for restoring your reputation. Their reputation management process varies for the type of service chosen. 



The experts at NetReputation follow a multi-faceted approach toward online reputation management. It helps you not only restore your reputation but also maintain it. 

  • Free Consultation – The first step is a free consultation where the company analyzes search results for each client.
  • Reputation Analysis – It starts by carrying out a reputation analysis. The in-depth analysis helps identify positive and negative reviews from across the web before confirming what’s fake and genuine. 
  • Custom Strategy – The experts utilize the above insights to create custom blended strategies for your specific needs. The strategy entails controlling your digital narrative by removing threats and improving your digital reputation.
  • Review Control – NetReputation experts work with the review sites to flag reviews considered fake, misleading, or defamatory, removing those hurting your reputation. It removes or suppresses defamatory online content about your business or identity and replaces it with genuine content that reflects you positively. 
  • Asset Development – Then, the team identifies positive properties that your brand controls over the web and develops optimized assets to fill in the gaps and build the framework to post content throughout your campaign. 
  • Promotion – To take your brand reputation to the next level, NetReputation leverages owned, earned, and paid promotion techniques to expand brand awareness and inspire engagement at every point of contact. 



DeleteMe caters to the content removal part of reputation management. Its removal process is shared below:

  • Sign up – You receive an email invite to your customer account after signing up.
  • Share details – You share the required personal information via your customer account. DeleteMe’s team of privacy experts identify customers’ PII on data broker sites and process opt-out requests on their behalf. 
  • Content removal report – Since DeleteMe manually searches for and requests the removal of your data, you receive your detailed report in 7 business days. The report shows the type of information found and the status of each opt-out request. 
  • Monitoring and reporting – DeleteMe monitors the 38 biggest data broker sites for customer PII every three months, producing four DeleteMe privacy reports annually.


Many customers find their information on a data broker site between reports. DeleteMe advises filling out a custom removal request straight from their dashboard. DeleteMe’s team of privacy experts will investigate the situation and remove your data as quickly as possible. 


5. Rating and Reviews

Reputation Defender

The platform is rated 4.5 stars, which means customers are generally satisfied. However, despite its positive Reputation defender reviews, few people complain of services being expensive. Besides, the platform has many unmanaged negative complaints on Better Business Bureau,, and SiteJabber.



The platform is rated 4.81 stars and has positive customer reviews on Better Business Bureau,TrustPilot, and YellowPages. A lot of people also describe NetReputation as “super helpful,” “quick to respond,” and “offering great insights into how to protect my brand.”


DeleteMe has a consumer rating of 4.65 stars. However, DeleteMe also has a lot of unsatisfied customers on Sitejabber, and the company agrees it’s not a 1-stop-solution to all online privacy issues. While some people complain of still having exposed private information on the second page of their name search, others complain of their information not being removed from social media. 

Here is one of the latest reviews about DeleteMe on Sitejabber.

6. Pricing


Reputation Defender

Although Reputation Defender pricing plans are available on their website, they do not clearly specify whether the costs are monthly or yearly. The cost of Reputation Defender search results plan ranges from $3000 to $25000. 

The reputation defender cost for online review service ranges from  $2000/year to $3500/year, and their online privacy solutions range from $1000/year to  $10,000/year. Lastly, their personal branding services come at a one-time fee of $995. 



NetReputation offers tailored ORM solutions at a fair and transparent pricing structure. The prices start from around $1,500 and go beyond $10,000 annually. While the small business and individual plans are quite affordable, Medium-sized businesses and enterprises might have to spend more for a comprehensive reputation management campaign. 



The company offers yearly and multi-year plans. Their one-person plan comes at $129 annually and $209 every two years. The two-person plan costs $229 annually and $349 every two years. You need to contact their customer support if you wish to opt for a Business plan. 


The Good and The Bad


Reputation Defender

Good Bad
Customized Services Slow Results
Prompt customer support Expensive for small business
Vast service offerings Not ideal for SEO alone
C-Suite Services Expensive
Less effective for popular sites
Not ideal for small or medium size businesses



Good Bad
Free reputation analysis Slow Results
Wide range of service offerings Expensive for small business
Ultra-responsive customer support Not ideal for SEO alone
Industry-specific expertise
Services for individuals and small businesses
Channel-specific strategies
Tailored packages as per needs
Long-term guaranteed results (100% money back guarantee)



Good Bad
Helps remove your personal information from data brokers’ databases Biennially pricing is more expensive
Quarterly reviews, ensuring your data remains purged Only remove people’s links from certain websites (38). 
Covers 580+ brokers No monthly payment option
Offers a DIY guide for future reference US-based, other locations on beta mode.
Manual processes


Verdict: Who’s No. 1? 

While all 3 have a good standing in the market, selection should be purely based on your requirements. 

If you’re looking for a cybersecurity tool to purge your personal information that major data brokers have captured, DeleteMe is a good option. However, if you’re looking to grow your personal brand (or business) and counter negative feedback, DeleteMe might not be able to serve your needs. Both Reputation Defender & NetReputation have industry-specific expertise in reputation management. 

Reputation Defender bills itself as the oldest ORM firm in the sector, yet glaringly unfavorable reviews cast questions on the platform’s capacity to handle its own reputation. In comparison, NetReputation has a spotless company image and has also been recognized by Newsweek as the World’s Leading Online Reputation Management Company.

Besides, NetReputation has an edge when it comes to channel-specific solutions. It offers reputation management options for socials like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, which other platforms like DeleteMe fail to offer. 

Another area where NetReputration stands out is its Wikipedia page solutions. This service is not offered by both Reputation defender or DeleteMe and is amazingly effective for both individuals and businesses. 

What to look for while vetting reputation management companies?


1. Industry-specific expertise

Always seek an ORM company that manages online reputations and has a track record of working with companies in your sector.

2. Type of Solutions

A lot of companies offer pre-packaged solutions. However, choose a provider that offers customizable solutions, whether you are an individual, a VIP, or a Fortune 500 company. When it comes to online reputation, every individual/business has varied needs. 

3. Customer feedback

A very important consideration while choosing a reputation management company is checking their customer feedback. Consult customer testimonials, read company evaluations, and decide for yourself which business has your best interests in mind.


Key takeaway

Utilize our comparison to identify the reputation management company that best aligns with you or your company. You’ll discover that selecting the ideal platform is simple if your objectives, expectations, and requirements are established in advance. 

Unfortunately, you can’t control everything that is posted about you online. However, working with NetReputation, you can put strategies in place to improve your approach to reviews and customer experiences, regain power over the content that appears in search engines relating to your business or brand, and enhance your online reputation.



1. Which is better, OneRep or DeleteMe?

DeleteMe focuses on the most known people-search sites and major data brokers and does not actually do link suppression. On the other hand, OneRep removes listings from the same major data brokers along with a long list of less-known sites. 

2. Is DeleteMe reputable?

DeleteMe is a trustworthy company. It is a reputable company that can help you clean up your digital footprint by removing your personal information from over 38 data brokers. 

3. How long does it take DeleteMe to work?

Removing information from data brokers using DeleteMe takes about 30 days. After you sign up on the platform, you’ll get your first DeleteMe Privacy Report in about seven business days. It details how they located your information and what steps are being taken to delete it.

4. What does DeleteMe remove?

Delete Me deletes your personally identifiable data from information brokers, including name, age, address, phone number, email address, and pictures of your residence or place of employment. It seeks to eliminate these specific details from major data brokers and clean up your digital presence. 

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