Top Strategies for How to Remove Mugshots Online

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Want to learn how to remove busted mugshots online? Our step-by-step guide gives you all the critical details on how to erase online mugshots easily.


If you’ve ever been arrested, you might have wondered: Where can I find mugshots online? If they do, how long do mugshots stay online? Do mugshots go away eventually? Most importantly, how can I remove my mugshot from these sites? Everyone with arrest records should be aware of the consequences of having your arrest details and mugshot uploaded online. This process can seriously affect your ability to form new relationships, get a job, and can also affect other areas of your life. Therefore, you would want to know how to get a mugshot off the internet. 

Something that people don’t realize is the fact that you can be arrested but never charged with a crime.

It seems like placing arrest records and mugshots online should be considered valuable community service, however, having your arrest mugshot uploaded online will suggest that you have some role in criminal activities or have some criminal arrest records. Moreover, there are free mugshot lookup sites that others can use to find your information online. This will definitely affect your employment opportunities, and personal relationships and will make your search for solutions to this bad situation. Therefore, you might want to know how to delete mugshot from from mugshot sites and complete the arrest record removal process quickly and thoroughly.

In some states like Florida once you get arrested your mugshot will appear online in a matter of hours and will remain online for years even if you are innocent. There can be a situation where you get arrested but never charged with a crime, or a case can be dropped for many different reasons.

Mugshot photos can be embarrassing. No matter if you are convinced or not, your mugshot will remain to circle online and it will bring a negative effect, break your online reputation and make you work on removing the mugshots or paying for mugshot removal service. For instance, there are companies in the mugshot publications industry that publish mugshots and booking details.

You need to be informed that a lot of shady businesses are made with those criminal records. Some companies make a profit from posting fake and negative information online and then they charge you to take that content down and have your mugshot removed from their websites.

In 2018, a company called charged people $399 to remove their mugshots that were uploaded online. That’s a hefty fee for mugshot removal, but people wanted their mugshots com removal services and submitted mugshots com removal request. This business was going on for three years and the company made $2.4 million from 5,703 victims in total.

After everything became public, the three owners were arrested and sued. After that situation, they changed their business model.

How long does it take for a mugshot to appear online?

These online arrest records are actually public records, and they can be obtained very easily through law and legal enforcement channels. There is usually no manipulating search engine results for the records to show up in search engines. Once the information is in the public record, your arrest record and mugshot are bound to show up in search engine results.

You can find a number of reputable companies that collect this information which makes it easy for people who search for a mugshot online to find everything in one place.

There are also websites like that are collecting this kind of information and making them visible to everyone. After they post that awful information about someone they will ask to be paid in order to remove the content from their website. Getting these mugshot websites to take down their search results is sometimes tougher than asking. However, you might also wonder why are some mugshots not online? That is a complicated question that might be tabled for another day. For now, we’ll focus on how to get websites to remove your mugshots online.

You may need to get a mugshot removal lawyer or mugshot removal attorney in addition to the criminal defense attorney you needed to fight the charge, to begin with. Getting mugshots removed from Google searches is a process but removing arrest records isn’t impossible. Read on to find out more about mugshot removal from the most popular search engine, Google.

The Shady Business with Mug Shots

In the US there are a lot of states that added some laws in order to limit or restrict mugshots that are getting posted online. These laws prohibit uploading arrest records, criminal record information, or mugshots online and also prohibit charging for removing pictures that are considered blackmailing.

There is a problem in the states that don’t have this law yet. After your mugshot is uploaded and it becomes accessible in search engine results, data brokers will provide up to date reports on such information, take over those photos and will upload them on their servers (websites) and make them public. An interesting fact is that even local newspapers are looking to generate more traffic by publishing photos and information on their website.

Everyone who will make a simple Google search can see these mugshots sites and arrest records together with the images that are appearing at the top of the search results.

Something that can make you worry is the fact that these images and arrest records are uploaded to a searchable database and that means there is no limit on how many websites can publish your photos. This unclear situation encouraged different websites to start making shady business with this kind of information.

We suppose that you are glad to hear there are services (mugshot removal companies) that will be able to remove your mug shots from the internet space. The price for these kinds of services can start from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and that depends on how many different websites your mug shots have been published on.

Paying to remove your Mug Shots from the internet

As we already mentioned, it is possible to remove your mug shots from the internet. You may wonder if you should pay for this kind of service? If you do pay for such service, is it necessary that the cheapest mugshot removal services will provide the best removal?

If you have some urgent need to remove your mug shots or criminal records from the internet you will definitely need to use a mug shot removal service before someone that you don’t want is able to see them.

After you decide if you are going to use this kind of service you should visit several mugshot removal sites, carefully choose a company that offers mugshot removal service, and they will be able to go through this process and sort this out for you. To shortlist the best mugshot removal service, you can look through their reviews to see if there are satisfied mugshot removal clients who can give some insights to how the process is like. In case you want to try and remove them on your own, you will need to go and contact those websites and ask them about the cost for your pictures to be removed.

Where to Find Mugshot Removal Solutions and When to Hire Mugshot Removal Services

Any mugshot removal service will have a hard time when trying to delete your arrest record or other information from certain websites. This is happening because these services are sending letters to mugshot websites and sometimes they do not follow up with some of the requests. The final word in this process is having the webmasters of those websites and they are deciding if they are going to remove the information or not.

This suggests that removal companies are not able to guarantee that all of your images will be removed. If you have time the most reliable way to get your mugshots removed will be if you contact those websites on your own.

How to remove mugshots from

For every person that is able to provide paperwork proving they have never been charged with a criminal offense, is offering a free removal. Once you enter their website you will be able to find a contact form and with that tool, you can contact them and hopefully sort out the situation.

Their contact form will request personal information from you like name, phone number, your address, email address, and additional information about your problem. do not have a legal obligation to remove your info and images from their website and because of that reason you shouldn’t be aggressive when approaching them. You will need to use their email which is [email protected] and attach all of your documentation proving the dismissal of charges. After you sort that out you can check again in 7-8 days and until then your pictures should be removed.

Mugshot Removal Solutions You Can Do By Yourself

We already informed you about third-party websites that are offering removal services and the methods they are using when trying to remove your mugshots from the internet. You already know that these people send requests to different websites but they are not always following those requests which mean there are low chances that your mugshots will be actually removed.

There are also some legal mugshots removal companies and official websites that are offering their services and will be able to help you with this kind of problem. The biggest obstacle is that these companies have some big rates and the prices are going from $1000-$5000.

This price mostly depends on how many different websites have uploaded your mugshots and there is no single cheap mugshot removal service that can comprehensively cover all mugshots on the internet.

If you are not ready or you cannot afford to spend so much money on these services, you can always try to remove those mugshots from the internet on your own.

The first step will be to contact the webmasters of those websites separately and provide the documentation that you haven’t been charged for the crime. You might want to start with commonly used platforms and complete, and removal processes. Once you do this, the webmaster may request from you a certain amount of money to be paid so he can remove the images. Everything will be up to you to decide if you are going to pay or not.

Mugshot Removal is Important for Your Online Reputation

Always remember that this practice of “extortion” or “blackmailing” isn’t illegal in some countries and because your information and images are already uploaded on the internet and are public, everyone will be able to take them and try to blackmail you in order to make some money.

You will need to decide if you are going to remove mugshots on your own which will be free except for your time and nerves or you are going to pay legal companies to do this job for you.

In case you decide to pay some of the legal companies who are working with this kind of issue the chances that your mugshots will be removed will be greater. Some of the leading online reputation management companies have years of experience in content removal and other tactics, helping you to restore your reputation and preserve your privacy.

Additionally, if you own a business, it is a good practice to claim ownership of your Google My Business profile.  This is only one of many online reputation management strategies you can use to rebuild a positive reputation when negative events like public mugshots or arrest records have appeared in search results.

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