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10 Important Tips for Dealing with Negative Yelp Reviews

Negative reviews are the pits. On Yelp, sometimes negative reviews are legitimate, while other times they are completely baseless remarks made by people who’ve never dealt with your business. So how can you manage the reviews? This post will get you started, but if you want even more in-depth information, read these tips before your…
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How to Repair Your Online Reputation After a Mistake

It happens to the best of us: we make mistakes. Online, mistakes are amplified. A rouge tweet or blog post with a typo can travel faster than you can hit the delete button; not that it matters anyway, since the more popular your brand, the more people who will have screenshots of the incriminating incident.…
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Brand Reputation: Why Your Personal Digital Brand is Not the Same as You

When asked what qualities are most important in relationships (business or otherwise), honesty tops the list for many people. Consumers want to connect with brands who are authentic and trustworthy. What does your audience thing about you? If they know, like, and, most importantly, trust you, they'll be more likely to make a purchase and…
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The One Tool that Will Drastically Improve Your Online Reputation

"I feel like I already know you!" When I worked in the conference world, one of the joys of my job was getting to see online friends meeting in person for the first time. It might seem weird to call someone a friend if you've never actually met them, but after reading one another's blogs,…
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10 Types of Content that Change How People Perceive You Online

Everything you post online has a potential effect on your reputation. This include both public content (like blog post and social updates) and private content (like emails and DMs/PMs). It also includes what other people post about you online. 1. Rants You Write It feels so good to let it all out sometimes, doesn't it?…
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5 Important Online Reputation Management Tips for Creating Content

If you’re a blogger or podcaster, you’ve already taken an important step forward; blogs and podcasts are two of the most useful tools for establishing your online reputation. However, what you say about yourself isn’t nearly as important as what other people say about you. Any amazing content you create can be quickly overshadowed by…
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How To Manage Your Reputation on Yelp

Does it really matter what people say about you on Yelp? Of course, but there are things you can do to help influence your online reviews. Most B2C businesses have to deal with online reviews, like those found on Yelp, at some point or another. Unfortunately, as one of my friends so eloquently put it,…
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