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How to Start a Blog to Improve Your Reputation

When someone searches for your company name on Google, is your website listed first? If not, you might have to do a little SEO work to ensure that you're controlling your reputation. This post is a great place to start if you're looking for some simple SEO tips, but I wanted to expand upon one…
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What to Do About Negative SEO

Most business owners never have to worry about negative SEO. If you have your own website optimized for search engines, you probably never have to give another thought to SEO. But just in case you are attacked by a competitor who wants to play dirty, let's talk about what you can do about negative SEO.…
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How to Own Your Brand’s Search Engine Results

When you need to find a new hair salon or hire a plumber or book a caterer for your wedding, how do you do it? Chances are, you do what most people do and head to Google. What happens when you Google your company name? If the first page of Google includes negative reviews, links…
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7 Must-Use Online Reputation Tracking Tools

You wouldn't try to fix a leaky pipe without your trusty toolbox, so don't try to fix your reputation without your trusty digital toolbox! Managing your online reputation is a lot easier when you have a few tools to help you. Here are a number of tools (both paid and free) that I recommend: Google…
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Who is in Charge of Your Brand’s Reputation?

It’s easy to slip into the dangerous waters of thinking that a single person is in charge of your brand’s reputation. We want to be able to hand off the task to a branding expert or even a dedicated online reputation manger. But the truth? Every employee is responsible for your brand’s reputation. Yes, everyone…
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How to Hire an Online Reputation Manager

One of the hardest parts of owning a small business is giving control of tasks to new employees as you grow. However, there comes a time when you just can't do everything yourself, so hiring experts in specific fields makes a lot of sense. If your business has a large online presence, hiring an online…
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How to Develop an Online Reputation Damage Control Plan

Sometimes, even when we're careful, we make mistakes. When that happens, your brand can be severely damaged if you don't have a plan in place for damage control. If you truly want to ensure that problems don't have a lasting effect on your business, you need to develop a reputation damage control plan that all…
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How To Apologize Online: The Ultimate Guide

Your online reputation isn’t just what people are saying about you; it is also about how you react to these comments. No matter how awesome your product or service may be, you’ll always come across unhappy customers. Today, customers will rip you to shreds on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, and leave scathing reviews…
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